Miraculous Dua For True Love And Find Your Soulmate

Miraculous Dua For True Love And Find Your Soulmate

Assalamualaikum warhamtullahi wabarkatuh my dear brothers and sisters. Today we will discuss with you those measures, by simply following which you can easily find true love or soulmate. Hope the remedies suggested by your brother will be very useful for you. I have studied Quran deeply to solve all your confusion as Quran has a solution to every problem. My aim is to remove darkness from your life and give happiness in the form of light. Allah also wants the same. As you all know there are lots of sites related to Astrology, and numerology on the internet but the question is how much these websites are beneficial?  So the choice is yours, my dear brothers and sisters, whether you want your love or soulmate, Or you want to waste your time searching here and there. Read the whole article Powerful Dua For True Love And Find Your Soulmate.

The Motive of Dua For Find Your True Love Soulmate  

The main motive of this article is to give you desired results in quick succession.  So today I’m going to talk about Powerful dua to find true love or soulmate. So follow up on this article and read it carefully till last as this article will change your whole life, And give you the result beyond your expectations. Inshallah. In this article, we are going to talk about surah, Wazifa, and Dua to find love in Islam and to find soulmates in Islam in a proper halal way. We always give solutions in the Halal way, it may take time but according to me, there is no shortcut to success. So give time to be successful in anything rather than doing Haram work. Because if you do any kind of Haram work then Almighty Allah will never Forgive You. So try to neglect the haram work. You will succeed in get your love back if you keep your faith in Almighty Allah and your brother.

What Is The Importance Of Love In Once Life 

Love is a part of our life that also helps us to run our life properly.  If love is not there in life, then life is like a mortal.  Life without love cannot be imagined.  All of us are always looking for a person in our life who will love us with a true soul which is beyond physical love. Help us move forward, guide us between right and wrong, and remove the emptiness of our life.  With whom hours pass while talking, but time is not known them, every person deserves such love in his/her life and you also might be thinking when will I get my true love when I will meet with my soulmate who will love me extremely without any reason.

Are you also looking for such love?  Do you also want to have someone with whom you can share your happiness and sorrow?  Do you really want to be in a relationship with someone?  Then you need to follow up on this whole article. And make this Dua, wazifa, or Surah which you have to do to Allah, Allah unites two people if prayer is done in the right way.

Dua And Procedure For Love And Soulmate 

  • Make a fresh ablution. (wuzu)
  • Before starting this dua to get accepted soon, Perform “Durood-e-Pak“9 times and chant the beautiful Allah’s name.
  • Recite the Dua mentioned below 266 times.

Masalul lazeena hum milut tawraata summa lam yahmiloohaa kamasalil himaari yah milu asfaaraa; bi’sa masalul qawmil lazeena kaazzaboo bi aayaatil laah; wallaahu laa yahdil qawmazzaalimeen

  • Again, repeat the “Durood-e-Pak,” and with complete faith, beg Allah (SWT) to bless you with love or your soulmate soon.
  • Recite Salallahu Alayhi Wassalam 5 times (Blessing On Messeneger)
  • Chant for your sins by saying Astaghfirullah 3 times.

Note: Follow this process for 13 odd days continuously to get fruitful outcomes from this dua. If you want results in very quick succession then contact our Maulana Gulfaam Ali by hitting the WhatsApp icon.

Wazifa And Procedure For Love And Soulmate 

  • Make a fresh ablution.(wuzu)
  • Before starting this Wazifa to get accepted soon, Perform “Durood-e-Pak“9 times and chant the beautiful Allah’s name.
  • Recite the Wazifa mentioned below 176 times.

Yaaa aiyuhal lazeena aamanoo laa tuhilloo sha’aaa ‘iral laahi wa lash Shahral Haraama wa lal hadya wa lal qalaaa’ida wa laa aaammeenal Baital Haraama yabtaghoona fadlam mir Rabbihim wa ridwaanaa; wa izaa halaltum fastaadoo; wa laa yajrimannakum shana aanu qawmin an saddookum ‘anil Masjidil-Haraami an ta’tadoo; wa ta’aawanoo ‘alalbirri wattaqwaa; wa laa ta’aawanoo ‘alal ismi wal’udwaan; wattaqul laah; innal laaha shadeedul ‘iqaab

  • Again, repeat the “Durood-e-Pak,” and with complete faith, beg Allah (SWT) to bless you with love or your soulmate soon.
  • Recite Salallahu Alayhi Wassalam  6 times(Blessing On Messeneger)
  • Chant for your sins by saying Astaghfirullah 3 times.

Surah For Your True Love And True Soulmate 

  • 1. Cleanliness is a must so make a fresh Ablution (Wuzu)
  • Recite Durood Shareef 13 times.
  • Recite Durood -A-Pak for 9 times 
  • Recite Salallahu Alayhi Wassalam  6 times 

Now perform the Surah mentioned below: 

Hurrimat ‘alaikumul maitatu waddamu wa lahmul khinzeeri wa maaa uhilla lighiril laahi bihee walmun khani qatu wal mawqoozatu wal mutarad diyatu wanna teehatu wa maaa akalas sabu’u illaa maa zakkaitum wa maa zubiha ‘alan nusubi wa an tastaqsimoo bil azlaam; zaalikum fisq; alyawma ya’isal lazeena kafaroo min deenikum falaa takhshawhum wakh shawn; alyawma akmaltu lakum deenakum wa atmamtu ‘alaikum ni’matee wa radeetu lakumul Islaama deenaa; famanidturra fee makhmasatin ghaira mutajaanifil li ismin fa innallaaha Ghafoorur Raheem

  • Now pray to Almighty Allah to bless you with true love and soulmate.

Niyyah For Love And To Find Soulmate 

The intention to perform Dua, Surah, or Wazifa is known as Niyyah in Islam. In this article, your Niyyah is to find a true soulmate or true love. So do any of these prayers as per your comfort zone. But you have to make sure that your Niyyah must be pure. There is no space for negativity and haram things. Don’t use Black Magic or Shirk while performing any of the prayers. 

At the end of any of these dua recite the mentioned dua 13 times to feel sorry to Almighty Allah if you make mistake in performing this prayer. Because we are human and it is simple to make mistakes. So no need to be worried do the below-mentioned lines.

Lines To Feel Sorry To Allah are Mentioned Below:

Alyawma uhilla lakumut taiyibaatu wa ta’aamul lazeena ootul Kitaaba hillul lakum wa ta’aamukum hillul lahum wal muhsanaatu minal mu’minaati walmuhsanaatu minal lazeena ootul Kitaaba min qablikum izaaa aataitumoohunna ujoorahunna muhsineena ghaira musaafiheena wa laa muttakhizeee akhdaan; wa mai yakfur bil eemaani faqad habita ‘amaluhoo wa huwa fil Aaakhirati minal khaasireen


The final words to summarise this article is that try to perform these Dua, Surah, or wazifa in the right way as per the mentioned in order to achieve success in finding your true love or soulmate and your intentions must be pure and your believe in Almighty Allah is genuine. If you are performing these Dua, Surah, or wazifa with wrong intentions or with negativity then this article is going to be useless. So try to perform it in the right way and with the right choices. And for any query or assistance get in contact with Quraninuskhe.com.

Frequently Ask Questions And Answers

Is These Prayer Effective For Non-Muslim Readers?

Yes because Almighty Allah is the father of everyone. Islam gives directions to everyone who believe in Islam. So no need to be worried whether you are a Muslim or not but the thing is that follow each and every step as per it is mentioned for good results.

How To Ask Almighty Allah For Soulmate?

You can get in touch with Almighty Allah with the help of Dua, Wazifa, and Surah. By performing these prayers you will be able to convey your message to the Almighty Allah. And if your intentions and heart are pure then he will bless you with your desires for sure.

Do These Prayers Work In Finding Soulmate?

These prayers are the best prayers as they were driven from the holy Book Quran. These prayers helped lots of my brothers and sisters across the globe in past. So these will be beneficial for you also. But you have to follow each and every process as it is mentioned above with the prayer.

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