Dua to Forget Someone you Love

Powerful Dua to Forget Someone you Love

I’m here to help you how can you forget someone you love? I think it is the most important thing in life to let it go but it’s not an easy task for everyone. People don’t know how to deal with their thoughts and feelings. Dua is the best remedy for you to forget someone’s love. Allah is the only one who can show us the right path.

Follow Some Rules Before Starting This Dua

  • Never ever start your prayer with the negative thoughts because pray is the bestset thing in this world.
  • You must not tell everyone about your remedies till you don’t get your results.
  • Women should not start this dua during her periods.
  • Ask Allah for forgiveness and mercy for your daily sins which you have done without intentions.
  • You should follow this dua regularly and don’t skip it till your outcomes are not on your side.

Dua To Forget Someone You Love

  • First of all you must recite
  • After that you should read ‘’ AL-MUQADDIM AL-BAATIN’’ FOR 101 TIMES.
  • Then recite ’rabbi hablii hukman wa alhiquni bis saalihinn for 544 times.
  • Finally you must pray to Allah to forget someone you love.

You should perform this dua for 21 days after that you will get your desire results and feel that your wounds are healing. You should also recite Powerful Dua To Save Your Marriage From Divorce.

People Ask Many Times How To Make Someone Forget Your Secrets.

  1. Firstly, you do something kind because if feelings are hurt, doing something extra nice can be beneficial for you.
  2. Remove your reminders.
  3. Bring up a pleasant memory.
  4. Give them time and try to move on.
  5. You should also recite Powerful Dua For Love And Attraction.

Dua To Forget Bad Thoughts

Everyone has bad thoughts in their mind. Sometimes people are frustrated and angry. Evil thoughts can also damage our thinking power. Always I pray to Allah that I can easily remove my evil thoughts or try to be busy with other work. You should also recite Impressive Dua To Make Relationships Stronger.

‘’Rabbi a’oo-thu bika min ha-ma zaa-tish shayaa-teen. Wa a’oo-thu bika rabbi an yah-dhu-room’’

You should read this dua whenever you have evil thoughts in your mind and keep focus on your positive thoughts so it will help you to maintain your life.

Dua To Stop Thinking About Someone

If you are facing problems in your relationship then there is no need to worry about it because this dua will give you the right direction to stop thinking about someone. This article is also about how can you overcome fear, depression, and stress. You should also recite Powerful Dua For Someone To Come Back To You.

Islamic prayers are a form of meditation that helps you to stabilize your mind. You must have trust on Allah.

Dua To Stop Thinking About Someone Step By Step

  1. The first step is to perform ablution.
  2. After that you should recite Ayatul Kursi for 9 times.
  3. Then recite Surah Baqarah Ayat 221 times.
  4. At the end raise your hand and ask Allah to ease your pain and make to stop thinking about that person.

You must do this dua regularly without skipping a day. You will see positive results within one week. By practicing this dua to stop thinking about someone you can fade your memories from the other person’s thoughts and with time you will notice that you have moved on from your relationship and bad thoughts.

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