Allah will help
those who moves in the way of Allah


According to Islam or as we can say in Sufism, The wazifa is a regular litany practiced by its followers and comprising Quranic verses, hadiths of supplication, and various duas.


According to Islam player is supplication, purification, and most rituals, actions are considered acts of Ibadat. The famous act in Islam is the performance of the five-time of daily prayer.


According to Islam or Sufism, Dua is a prayer of invocation, supplication, or request, even asking or we can say begging help or assistance from almighty Allah.

Know More About Maulana Gulfaam Ali

Maulana Gulfaam ali is an Islamic Scholar.

Who is always ready to help the needy ones. He is practising in the field of astrology for more then 30 plus years. He solves All life problems, and he solved thousands of problems with his experience.

Services We Provide

If you want to reclaim your love via wazifa, then this is the great method and technique to access your love. 

If you want a child and facing problem in your pregnancy, this dua will resolves all your pregnant issues. 

Not getting your genuine love in a pure and authentic manner. This dua will give you a walkthrough description. 

If your husband is not getting attracted towards you, then you can reclaim your love by permitting this dua. 

Are you facing any issues in your love marriage ceremony. Perform this dua in a very proper way.

If you want someone in your life and not getting access of it. Dua will stabilize you and grant access of someone special.


Nagma Bano

Thanku Mr Gulfaam ali for making my dream come true i have no words in your appreciation.You are such a great person always keep helping the needy ones. I recommend QURANI NUSKHE to everyone.

Nagma Bano
Andrew John

I have to suggest QURANI NUSKHE to my fellow brothers and sisters for getting solution to your every problems. Thanks Maulana Gulfaam Ali for making my work so easy.

Andrew John
Olivia Eva

Thank you Maulana Gulfaam Ali for blessing me with a baby boy. As i am trying to concieve from a long period of time but unable to do so. But you make my wish to have a baby come true. Bundle of thanks to QURANI NUSKHE.

Olivia Eva
Eden Remi

Thank you Maulana sahab for giving my love back to me. As i was trying it for so long and wander here and there in search of good maulana to do so but nobody steped up for me as you. So many many thanks and good wishes to you.

Eden Remi

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