Powerful Dua For Heartbreak And Broken Heart In Islam

Powerful Dua For Heartbreak And Broken Heart In Islam

As-salam Alaykum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuhu, to all my visitors, present out here. Those who always keep faith in us and stick to our website with full hope and trust. Today we are going to talk about Powerful Surah, Wazifa, and Dua For Heartbreak And Broken Heart In Islam.

Which is brought by your brother in a proper halal way. No need to search or wander here and there because QURANI NUSKHE provides you solutions for your problems in a very quick span of time. So read the article carefully, till last as the Wazifa for different things which I got notice nowadays is given in the last so make sure to read the whole article carefully.

How To Overcome A Situation Of Heartbreak

When you are in the mindset of heartbreak, it can be really challenging. You may feel like there is nothing good about this and you may even start questioning what you did wrong. The pain that comes with a broken heart is something that you would never be able to understand unless you have gone through it yourself.

Even though we cannot explain how much our broken hearts pain us or why they hurt so much, they do. That’s why when someone we love leaves us, we grieve over them and struggle with accepting their decision and letting them go.

There is no doubt that a broken heart hurts more than anything else; hence, if any of my brother or sisters are also going through the same right now, here is some advice on this. So read this whole article carefully till last.

I assure you that you won’t find such an effective and powerful dua for heartbreak and broken heart In Islam on any other websites. You will overcome situations of heartbreak or broken art with the help of these duas and wazifas for sure. 

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Ways To Overcome Heartbreak From the Quran

Islam is bigger than everything and no problem is bigger than Islam and Allah. The holy Quran teaches us how to overcome any obstacle through our belief and trustworthiness. So some ways from the Quran to overcome the situation of a broken heart.

1. Faith In Almighty Allah

If anyone of you facing any kind of problem then lean towards the Almighty Allah. Beg him for the strength and power to overcome the obstacles you are facing. He is the father of the universe. If we pray to him with pure heart and belief. He will bless us for sure.

2. Be Positive And Remove All The Negativity

Try to create a positive and healthy environment near you. Remove all the negative thoughts from your mind. Because your positivity creates positive vibes near you and this will help you to overcome the situation of heartbreak.

3. Self-obsessed And Self Loving

Quran says you are the poppet of Allah. So before loving anyone else love yourself. Respect your love but do not limit your love of yourself to yourself.

4. Always Be Thankful For What You Have

Holi Quran says you must be thankful to Almighty Allah always for what he gave you. There is no space for regret in your life and always be thankful to him.

Note: These are the key points that help you to overcome the situation of heartbreak and a broken heart.

Dua For Broken Heart From Quran And Steps To perform

How to heal a broken heart in Islam? If any of my brothers and sisters want to heal their broken heart. Then they can recite this powerful dua with the following steps.

  • The main thing is to have pure intention while performing.
  • Start This Dua after proper wuzu because the purity of soul and body is crucial.
  • Please do not use this Dua for any other Haram thing, as it is against Islam.
  • Start this Dua with “Shahada” (Peace upon prophet Mohammed).
  • Seat in the direction of the Qibla sharif.
  • Now perform Dua To overcome the situation of heartbreak mentioned below: 233 times.
  • Wa kazaalika ba’asnaahum liyatasaaa’aloo bainahum; qaala qaaa’ilum minhum kam labistum qaaloo labisnaa yawman aw ba’da yawm; qaaloo Rabbukum a’lamu bimaa labistum fab’asooo ahadakum biwariqikum haazihee ilal madeenati falyanzur ayyuhaaa azkaa ta’aaman falyaatikum birizqim minhu walyatalattaf wa laa yush’iranna bikum ahadaa
  • Now recite durood Shareef 19 times.
  • Now continue with the dua mentioned below 13 times
  • Wa kazaalika a’sarnaa ‘alaihim liya’lamooo anna wa’dal laahi haqqunw wa annas Saa’ata laa raiba feehaa iz yatanaaza’oona bainahum amrahum faqaalub noo ‘alaihim bunyaanaa; Rabbuhum a’lamu bihim; qaalal lazeena ghalaboo ‘alaaa amrihim lanat takhizanna ‘alaihim masjidaa.

Note: Follow every step. Don’t skip any of the steps and do it with pure heart and pure intentions. You should also read dua to bring someone back.

Dua To Remove Sadness From Heart 

What is the dua for relief of sadness? The dua for relief of sadness in Islam is dua to remove sadness from the heart. This dua is also used to convert a bad heart to a good heart in Islam.

This dua you can recite for all of your broken friendships and affairs to be resolved. But for that you have read this dua in a proper halal manner. Here is a dua to remove sadness from the heart in a proper halal way.

  • Do proper Wudu, means clean yourself properly,
  • Read Durood Sharif 7 times,
  • After that read “la ilaha illa anta subhanaka inni
  •  kuntu minaz-zalimin” this dua for 11 times,
  • Just after dua read Durood Sharif 11 times again,
  • At last pray to Allah that helps me to remove sadness from my heart.
Dua For Heartbreak And Broken Heart In Islam
Dua For Heartbreak And Broken Heart In

Wazifa For Heartbreak From Islam And Its Procedure

Can Allah heal my broken heart? Yes, If any of my brothers and sisters want Allah can heal my broken heart. Then they can recite this powerful and effective Wazifa for heartbreak.

  • Do proper Wudu and do five-time Salah before starting this Wazifa.
  • In The posture of Ruku and Sujud do “Tasbih of Fatimah” (14 times Allah hu Akbar, 23 times Alhamdulillah, 13 times SubhanAllah)
  • Recite “Tauba-e-istiGfaar” to neglect your negativity.
  • Recite Both Wazifa For Heartbreak (Given below) 113Times.

Wazifa 1st

Sa yaqooloona salaasatur raabi’uhum kalbuhum wa yaqooloona khamsatun saadisuhum kalbuhum rajmam bilghaib; wa yaqooloona sab’atunw wa saaminuhum kalbuhum; qur Rabbeee a’lamu bi’iddatihim maa ya’lamuhum illaa qaleel; falaa tumaari feehim illaa miraaa’an zaahiranw wa laa tastafti feehim minhum ahadaa

Wazifa 2nd

Wasbir nafsaka ma’al lazeena yad’oona Rabbahum bilghadaati wal’ashiyyi yureedoona Wajhahoo wa laa ta’du ‘aynaaka ‘anhum tureedu zeenatal hayaatid dunyaa wa laa tuti’ man aghfalnaa qalbahoo ‘an zikrinaa wattaba’a hawaahu wa kaana amruhoo furutaa

  • Finally, Pray to Allah (SWT) to heal your heart and exalt our Beloved Mohammed. Prophet (PBUH)

Hadith About Broken Heart In Islam

“The Messenger of Allah (PBUH) said: Nothing heals a heart, once broken, but The superpower The Almighty Allah Can Do. Call on your Lord when your heart is broken, that is a time when it’s in pieces & the light of Allah can fill the gaps.

The gaps in your relationship, with your loved one or a family member by which you are feeling heartbroken. This situation is the weirdest situation one can face in his/her life. So keep your extreme faith in Almighty Allah And he will heal any kind of harsh situation. Inshallah.

Ulaaa’ika lahum Jannaatu ‘Adnin tajree min tahtihimul anhaaru yuhallawna feehaa min asaawira min zahabinw wa yalbasoona siyaaban khudram min sundusinw wa istabraqim muttaki’eena feehaa ‘alal araaa’ik; ni’mas sawaab; wa hasunat murtafaqaa (Surah 4:35)

Final Words Of This Article

A broken heart can leave you feeling lost and confused. Heartbreak and loss can be very painful.
When someone you love does not care about you anymore, there is a good chance that the relationship has reached an end. It is important to remember that the pain of a broken heart is very real, and often life-changing.

When a person loses a partner through divorce, death, or any other kind of separation, it is normal to wonder what will become of his/her life. Heartbroken people can feel lost, depressed, and disconnected from themselves and others.

A heartbreak situation can be very painful and challenging to overcome. The best way to get over a broken heart is the believe in Almighty Allah. You can begin by taking care of yourself and turning to the positive aspects of your life as I told you above in one of the key points.

Note: It is important to take care of yourself and to find ways to express yourself during these harsh days according to the Quran and Allah’s will.


Last but not least I want to sum up this article by saying that your brother shared Wazifa and Dua For Heartbreak And Broken Heart In Islam and much more information to overcome the situation of heartbreak or a broken heart.

No need to wander here and there and perform these above-mentioned dua’s and wazifa with full procedures and steps and you will get results. Inshallah.

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