Successful Dua For Immediate Marriage Proposal

Successful Dua For Immediate Marriage proposal

Assalamualaikum warhamtullahi wabarkatuh all my qurani nuskhe readers. I hope the remedies suggested by your brother will be very useful for you. Inshallah. Do you feel that it’s impossible for you to get married within the regular pace of life? Do you fear that your friends and relatives will not approve of your decision to get married? Well, if you are someone who is looking for an immediate dua for a marriage proposal, then we have some great news for you. Stay tuned for this amazing article Successful Dua For Immediate Marriage Proposal.

Concern About Married Life?

The best thing about this situation is that there are people out there who understand what it means to be in a relationship and how difficult it can be when a couple doesn’t feel love for each other. If you want to get married as soon as possible, then this dua from the Quran and Hadith is going to help you. Remember why Allah has created us and how much good He does with our lives? Then think about marrying someone who encourages that same good and makes others happy as well. 

Are you the one who is totally concerned about your married life? Are you a father who is concerned about his children’s marriage? So no need to worry about it, as this article contains each and every solution for your marriage problems. So read the whole article carefully till the end.

How To Get A Good Marriage Proposal

The best way to get your marriage proposal accepted is to have an amazing proposal. And the best way to have an amazing proposal is to have pure intentions. That is where the power of your marriage proposal lies. If you want to get married and you want to propose to your partner in a more spontaneous way, then simply perform the Wazifa for marriage proposal which I’m going to give you today. Today’s Dua will give you the partner of your dreams, which you always desires to have. Who understands you more than you? Who fulfill each and every desire of yours. Keep reading the article till the end.

Dua For Immediate Marriage Proposal And Procedure 

successful dua for immediate marriage proposal, you have to perform in the morning after the namaz and ask Allah SWT to grant you the best of all marital options.  Repeating these powerful Dua at least 291 times will help you absorb the meaning of the offer. You have to perform this dua as per it is mentioned below :

Dua And its Procedure 

  • Cleanliness is a must before performing any Dua,  that’s why it always begins with (WUZU)
  • Now praise Allah by reciting beautiful names like AR-RAAFI, AR-RAHEEM, AL-MALIK, and AR-RAHMAN.
  • Place the holy ZamZam water with you 
  • Now raise your hands and perform Dua mentioned below:

Innaaa anzalnat Tawraata feehaa hudanw wa noor; yahkumu bihan Nabiyyoonal lazeena aslamoo lillazeena haadoo war rabbaaniyyoona wal ahbaaru bimas tuhfizoo min Kitaabil laahi wa kaanoo ‘alaihi shuhadaaa’; falaa takhshawun naasa wakhshawni wa laa tashtaroo bi aayaatee samanan qaleelaa; wa mal lam yahkum bimaaa anzalal laahu fa ulaaa’ika humul kaafiroon

  • Finally pray to Almighty Allah to bless you with you with the praposal of your dreams.

Niyyah For Married Life 

The intentions by which you are performing this Dua. When you perform a successful dua for immediate marriage proposal, you are saying that you are ready to take a giant step toward the one you love by marrying them. If you are not sure if you’re ready to make this major step in your life, look at your relationship. Do you love each other? Or do you just find each other attractive? Or do you just like the idea of being with each other? These are the important questions you need to answer before making the decision to perform this Dua because Almighty Allah says if your mindset is clear and your intentions are clear then only you make Dua, Wazifa or Surah otherwise don’t take steps to do so. So your Niyyah must be clear. Inshallah.

Wazifa For Immediate Marriage Proposal And  Procedure 

  • Make a fresh Ablution, and wear clean clothes before performing this wazifa.
  • Start performing Wazifa by saying “Bismillaahir Rahmaanir Raheem “
  • Now write your dream partner on a piece of paper and keep them near you while performing wife and start reciting the Wazifa mentioned below 119 times at the time of Isha Namaz.

Wazifa is mentioned below

Wa anzalnaa ilaikal Kitaaba bilhaqqi musaddiqallimaa baina yadaihi minal Kitaabi wa muhaiminan ‘alaihi fahkum bainahum bimaa anzalal laahu wa laa tattabi’ ahwaaa’ahum ‘ammaa jaaa’aka minal haqq; likullin ja’alnaa minkum shir’atanw wa minhaajaa; wa law shaaa’al laahu laja’alakum ummatanw waahidatanw wa laakil liyabluwakum fee maa aataakum fastabiqul khairaat; ilal laahi marji’ukum jamee’an fayunab bi’ukum bimaa kuntum feehi takhtalifoon

Note: Perform these Wazifah for 9 odd days regularly if you really Desire to get a positive outcome in the form of a desired love. Sisters skip this wazifa in their mensurational days (Periods) 

Guidance Before Performing Dua Or Wazifa For Marriage  Proposal 

Before you start performing this powerful Dua or  Wazifa you must know that there are certain things that you must keep in mind while performing this Duaor Wazifa. Moreover, you should recite these Dua or Wazifa when you are alone. You should recite this Dua when you have a happy heart. Furthermore, you should also make sure that you are not doing this Dua or Wazifa because someone else told you to do so. You should always recite these  Duaor Wazifa in your own words. The dua must be pronounced in Arabic, as per mentioned below and you should not change it in any way.  

How To Make Your Prayer More Effective 

You can make any of your prayers more effective by your believe in Almighty Allah and with your pure heart and intentions. Never feel bad for anyone and always be positive about yourself and others. This will help you to be a pure-hearted individual. And according to Islam and Quran Allah always help those who have a pure heart. And he always says I help those, those who help themselves. So try to make out of this line. And to become a pure-hearted individual daily do the below mentioned line when you have time and as much as you can:

Dua To Become A Pure Hearted Individual 

Yaa aiyuhal lazeena aamanoo mai yartadda minkum ‘an deenihee fasawfa ya’tillaahu biqawminy yuhibbuhum wa yuhibboonahoo azillatin ‘alal mu’mineena a’izzatin ‘alal kaafireena yujaahidoona fee sabeelil laahi wa laa yakhaafoona lawmata laaa’im; zaalika fadlul laahi yu’teehi mai yashaaa’; wallaahu Waasi’un ‘Aleem


The final words to summarise this article is that try to perform these Dua or Wazifa, in the right way as per the mentioned in order to achieve your desired marriage proposal in quick succession your intentions must be pure and your believe in Almighty Allah is genuine. If you are performing this Dua with wrong intentions or with negativity then this article is going to be useless. So try to perform it in the right way and with the right intentions. And for any query or assistance get in contact with

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